Abstract Submission

Abstract submissions are now closed

For any questions or concerns regarding abstract submissions please email hpcfusion@bsc.es.

Please note that the workshop audience will be a balanced mixture between Fusion and HPC focused researchers. As such, we encourage presenters to share details of the computational and algorithmic methods of their HPC fusion research. Discussion of experiences and overcoming obstacles in this work would add value.

Before starting the submission process, don’t forget to read the information and check the guidelines below.

For those who are unable to submit abstracts through the Google Form, please send an e-mail to hpcfusion@bsc.es together with the abstract (check the format below) and the following PDF form. For any other questions regarding the abstract submission, please write to the same address.

More information:

Abstract submission for invited talks and contributed presentations starts on June 6, 2023 and ends on September 15, 2023 at 1pm (CEST).

  • All participants must register to obtain individual access key for the workshop.
  • Submitted documents must be in PDF format. Other formats (MsWord, TeX, Postscript, …) are not acceptable.
  • When submitting the abstracts, the authors agree that the accepted abstracts can be made available online in the conference web site.
  • Only a one page abstract will be accepted.
  • For Contributed abstracts, indicate a preference for a talk or poster format, or select both options if either is acceptable. The Programme Committee will make decisions about the format of each submission taking into account presenters’ preferences.
  • Presentations by Early Career participants will receive expert reviewer feedback to support professional development. Outstanding presentations may receive special recognition. Early Career participants include current students and recent students who were enrolled in a university program (bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD) within the past three years.

To facilitate document preparation, it is recommended that authors use the following templates:

Abstract Format:

File format PDF
Number of pages1
Page sizeA4 (21.0 x 29.7 cm)
Page margins2.5 cm on all 4 sides
Fonts Times New Roman or Arial
Font size14 pt (title), 12 pt (main text), 10 pt (figure captions, references)
Line spacing1.5 lines (21 pt)
Title of paper Centered alignment, bold font 14 pt
List of authorsCentered alignment, normal font 12 pt, presenting authors underlined,
e.g. M. First1, N.N. Second2
Author affiliationsCentered alignment, italic font 12 pt, e.g. Institute, City, Country
Body text Justified alignment, normal font 12 pt
References 10-point font, 1.5 line spacing
Figure Captions10-point font